Project Timeline

  • September 2019 – Identify suitable EV connection solutions

    Delivered by Smarter Grid Solutions (Method 2 – Tactical Solutions for Public Chargepoints):

    • Identify areas of high EV growth requiring on-street identified, destination and en-route charging, and analyse impacts on the electricity network.
    • Range of conventional and smart charging solutions considered, to determine lowest lifecycle cost options for different locations

  • December 2020 – Transport and network model identification

    Delivered by PTV Group (Method 1 – Strategic Transport and Network Planning):

    • Fed into the selection of trial sites for Method 2 and delivery of ‘ConnectMore’ tool (Method 3)
    • PTV’s state-of-the-art Visum transport planning software to map out future electric transportation needs of the SPM License area to 2050
    • Working closely with key stakeholders, the model will provide an evolving picture of EV usage as uptake progresses and likely connection requirements for the electricity network

  • December 2021 – Pilot trial completion

    Delivered by Smarter Grid Solutions:

    • Working with a number of stakeholders, a range of smart charging solutions to be trialled (over a period of 12-18 months). The trial will benefit a range of stakeholders including other DNOs, Chargepoint manufacturers and EV customers

  • June 2022 – ConnectMore online tool prototype delivery

    Delivered by EA Technology (Method 3 – The ‘ConnectMore’ Online Connections Tool):

    • The ‘ConnectMore’ Tool will enable a range of non-engineering stakeholders to assess optimum locations for the connection of EV chargepoints, considering user needs and the capacity of the electricity network