Refuelling Tomorrow's Electrified Transport

Charge Project

Charge will provide tools to deliver a step-change in the roll-out of public infrastructure for electric vehicles. The project brings together experts in transport planning, electricity network planning and charging systems to identify the best locations for new chargepoints. In particular, it will address more challenging locations for EV infrastructure, such as crowded city streets, destination charging and areas with little or no access to off-street parking


Led by SP Energy Networks, the four year Charge Project will:

Provide insight into suitable vehicle charge point locations

Accelerate public chargepoint deployment

Consider how smart charging could maximise network capacity

Consider impacts of electric vehicle use on electricity networks

Speeding the Transition to Cleaner Vehicles

Charge will, for the first time in Britain, merge transport and electricity network planning to create an over-arching map of where EV charge points will be required and where they can be best accommodated by the electricity grid


For further details of the funding awards for this project, see SP Energy Networks's press announcement: PROJECT TO MAP ELECTRIC STREETS GETS GO AHEAD